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kim jongin; forever scared of everything and anything


Teary eyed Jongdae thanking his fans and his members

At what age did you lose your virginity?


I never lost mine, I just absorb other peoples’, making my virginity grow stronger and stronger in preparation for the final battle. 


140921 Beautiful Jongdae tearing up during his birthday celebrations at TLP Beijing

종대야 ~~ 태어나줘서, 항상 웃어줘서, 아름다운 노래 불러줘서 고마워!        사랑해! (◕‿‿◕)

is there any manga with a tall guy and short girl like at chest level?


These are some I recommend (now I’m not sure exactly which level the girl reachs but in all of these mangas the guy is tall and the girl is short):

  • Hiyokoi
  • Toradora
  • Koko ni iru yo
  • Ikoku meiro no croisée
  • Lovely Everywhere
  • Kageno datte seishun shitai
  • Honey and Clover
  • Koisuru mitsuba
  • Waltz no Ojikan
  • Ookamidomo no shitsukekata
  • Gyu tte shite ii
  • Pochamani

"I.... like you."




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People, get it through your heads that the KPOP industry isn’t what you see in music videos and variety shows. It’s dirty and cruel, and as much as I want to believe the smiles I see on the screen, I know better. You guys have to know better. So if you want to unfollow me for reblogging things…

Did you read the article on Lee Hoo's tweets? It seems that SE is starting ZE:A badly. Do you think that our Namyu ladies are treated the same way?


I just read it and if you are a MINE or ZE:A´S or Jewelry fan, than you know how badly all the idols in this company get treated. 

It´s beyond disgusting..

Just a few examples: 

What Sera said on their documentary 


For the CEO (and probably the rest of the staff) they are just dolls, that have to be perfect, beautiful in every way and if they don´t make enough money they get just kicked out or recycled. 

The CEO slapping Sera openly on camera

In the documentary, you can see that she flinches and closes her eyes already when he only raises his hand which means that the idols there get hit on a regular basis and just have to cope with it.


Complete starving, especially for the female idols

Before their debut, 9Muses & Jewelry members had to go on the worst diets ever: eating completely nothing! Yewon talked about this on a show before, saying that at that time even grass seemed delicious to her because she was so hungry. 

Sexual harassment

The staff and CEO just touch ALL of the idols wherever and how much they want taking dance practice or cloth fitting as an excuse…Imagine having to stand in a room practically just in your underwear and old man/women stare, point at you and touch you…I don´t even wanna think about that. 

Selling their idols for money

And not the normal way because all companies do that. I mean stuff like what happened to Taeheon. Of course it is not confirmed, but I think that their CEO sold Taeheon for money to fight against that other fighter so that guy´s retiring match makes him look even more glorious, winning against an idol! Why I think that?

1) First I did not know or heard any of the ZE:A members are in to MMA. Never heard him participated in any amateur fight, much more a professional fight or did he?

2) Although his opponent was retiring, this was his job & he is well experienced in MMA fights. He is well trained…how about Tae Heon?

3) Why would he go fighting around the same time as their comeback? Their concert? Doesn´t make any sense, right?

Breaking their minds and driving them into depression

Have you ever heard of the method they use in circuses for elephants? They chain them when they are young and scare them so much that, even when they grow up and are big and strong, they don´t attempt to run away or break their chains even though they easily could now. 

Same method that SE uses. 

In the documentary it´s revealed that ALL 9Muses members have an unhealthy amount of stress and exhaustion buried in their bodies. So much, that even the doctor was surprised and scared for them. Leehoo of ZE:A even attempted suicide and we don´t know how many more of Jewelry, ZE:A, 9Muses or VOS did…Mental illnesses are sometimes even worse then physical injuries! 

Those are only a few of the things they do to them and I hate the CEO and company for that. But what could we fans do until now? Nothing. 

But now is finally our chance! 

Leehoo is brave enough to do something against this corrupted system and we, the fans, every person that likes K-Pop, heck, every normal thinking person on this planet should support him!!!


Well, atleast that is what I will do. Will you?

(Sorry for the long post..I got carried away because this topic is really important to me; not only as a MINE, but also as a human being!)

Leo’s masterpiece: N on stage